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Many members of the extended Leraas Family have web pages. These links will open up in a new window. If you would like your to be linked here, please contact E - R - I - C <at> mnray [dot] net

Ray Family in Minnesota

Linda (Leraas) Ray is a descendant of Ole/Anton/Gordon J. Leraas. She and her husband Steven Ray have done an extraordinary amount of research into the Leraas family. Their son Eric created and maintains these web sites. Unfortunately, their son Jason Ray passed away in a boating accident in 2005. Read more about the family at www.MNRay.net

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Les LeRoss Family in Washington

The grandfather of Les, John Leraas, changed his last name to LeRoss. Perhaps this was to avoid confusion with the John Leraas his sister Ananda married. The website of Les LeRoss and family is:


Leraas Cook & Associates in Washington

Judith H. Leraas Cook runs A Resource Communications Marketing Company, which can be visited at:


Daughters of Norway

Many people in the family are members of the Daughters of Norway. Visit to read about how they preserve Norweigian heritage.

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